Exterior Doors
Clear Pine is pale tan with hues of red and peach. Its grain is open and straight and it has a fine texture. Clear pine may have some pin knots, but does not have as many knots as knotty pine.
Knotty Pine is typically selected for its rustic appearance. It is pale tan with hues of red and peach and has a fine, open-grained texture. Knots are tight and close together. The species ambers (yellows) with time.
Douglas Fir exhibits prominent grain and is a good candidate to be painted and stained. With its fast growth and durability douglas fir has become a very popular “Go Green” wood.
Knotty Alder is light brown in color with yellow and peach hues. It is a “soft” hardwood that has the strength of maple but the rustic characteristics of pine.
African Mahogany has a variety of reddish brown tones with close grain patterns, which makes this species an ideal choice for creating a rich, sophisticated look.
Oak has a light biscuit color with distinctive grain patterns. It is like cedar in that it has natural resistance to decay and attack by insects.
Other wood species are available upon request.
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