About Your Door


Great Northern doors should be installed only by professional garage door installers


You may choose to have your door professionally finished by Great Northern Door or coordinate finishing yourself, once you receive your door. Doors that are delivered without stain will be shipped to you, sanded 120 grit and ready for finish. Due to transportation and handling, additional sanding may be required before applying stain or paint.

The door must be finished on all surfaces and edges within ten days of delivery. Doors must be stained with a Sikkens Cetol 1 & 23 Plus stain or painted with a Sherwin Williams Alyd Primer and then a Sherwin Williams Latex paint.


We recommend annually checking the door’s finish to verify that it is preventing moisture from reaching the wood’s surface. Refinish doors every one to three years as necessary, or as recommended by the finish manufacturer. We want your garage doors to have a long and useful life.